Aadhaar card appointment online

You can also take an appointment online to enroll for Aadhaar Card. This is applicable only in some selected states. This facility is started by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on trial basis only in some selected states only for few days. If this process is successful later the process will be expanded in all the states Below are the following states where there is online appointment facility.
You can also update the aadhar card changes using the aadhar self service update portal which can be used by anyone online and is also fast and secure to use.
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Delhi
  • Rajasthan
  • Punjab
  • Jharkhand
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Kerala

Also there are few other states where you can take an appointment online to enroll for Aadhaar Card. In case if your state does not allow booking an online appointment facility you need to walk to the nearest Aadhaar Card center located at your place.

Book Online Appointment for Aadhaar Card enrollment: 

Below are the following steps to book online appointment for AADAAR Card enrollment
Note: You can book online appointment for Aadhaar Card only if the facility is available in your state or else you need to apply manually. You can also apply for aadhar card online

  1. Enter your details like Name, Mobile number, Email and No of  Persons. Only Maximum of four people can fix an appointment at a time in the No of Persons. 
  2. In the select Enrollment center enter the details of your location like  State, District/City, Locality/Area where you reside and the Enrollment center where you want to Enroll for Aadhaar Card.
  3. In the select Date and Time for appointment Enter the Date and Time for your Aadhaar Card enrollment and enter the verification Code in the box 
  4. Click on Fix Appointment and your appointment is fixed with the details you have provided. 

To book online appointment you need to fill a form where you will be asked the details like your e-mail, mobile number, state or union territory, area type (whether rural or urban), city, locality, enrollment center which is nearer to you, date and time of enrollment you wish according to your availability. A maximum of four people can confirm their appointment at a time, however, you can book again for getting another appointment schedule.
After filling up all the details in the form, you need to click on the ‘Fix Appointment’ button to confirm your appointment and a token ID is generated along with the details you provided Keep this token ID which is useful to re-schedule or cancel booked appointment. Take a print out of the above and  visit the mentioned Aadhaar Card center along with the documents required.


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